How To Make The Best Mac N

How to Make the Best Mac n

I was shopping this evening and came across this cutest little macaroni.

could I resist it ! ( and no, Barillia isn paying me I usually buy Prince, because I from New England remember, “Wednesday is Prince Spagetti Day?”), but as soon as I saw this I had to buy it !

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I always make the sauce while the pasta is cooking, add the two together, mixing in the sauce with the cheese, and then put in baking dish with bread crumbs on top, dot with butter or margine, give it 45 minutes in 375 oven, and out comes a baked macaroni and cheese, have been making for years, make a rue of course first like you did, and add cheese, I have never stopped without baking it, but I bet it would more information be good like that too. sounds good to me and I always use the Vermont extra sharp cheese too but usually stick with elbows, will have to try it with the small straight ones you show. Thanks.