Pontiac G8 Possess Power, Performance, And Design

Pontiac G8 Possess Power, Performance, And Design

The ongoing 2007 Chicago Auto Show has seen the launch of great cars one after another. Pontiac followed in other car makers?step in introducing their brand new model at the said event. This year&25263; star of the Pontiac show at the Chicago Auto Show is the Pontiac G8 which promises to have power, performance and design.

The Pontiac G8 is a four-door sedan and is configured as a rear-wheel drive vehicle. The car will be available for the public early next year. diep io cheats in game The promise of power, performance and design will surely have this car gaining popularity as it approaches the market. While the car is driven through the rear wheel, it does not harm the overall performance of the car, thanks to the effort of the developer of the car&25263; design

&25573;ith the balance of rear-wheel drive and the availability of V8 power, the G8 represents another step in Pontiac&25263; commitment to its performance DNA,?John Larson, the Pontiac general manager, said. &25538;dded to the Solstice and the recently announced addition of the G6 and Torrent to the GXP series, the G8 demonstrates that Pontiac has never been more serious about the business of performance&26768;nd we expect this vehicle to be very competitive in the segment, even against cars that costs far more.?Indeed, the Pontiac G8 looks like it can take on even the top eleven cheats download toughest competitors in its segment. The perfect combination of the car&25263; engine power, the perfect handling and overall performance of the car and its stylish design makes it a serious competitor.

The power that the POntaic G8 boasts of having comes from its huge V6 powerplant. The base model of the car comes with a 3.6-liter double over head http://www.topelevenhackcheatss.com/ cam V6 engine that is equipped with variable valve timing technology which allows the valves to either increase or decrease their opening depending on the power demands given out by the driver. This feature makes the engine fuel efficient while providing great power. The base model&25263; gearbox will be a five-speed automatic transmission that will smoothly transfer the 261 horsepower from the engine to the rear wheels.

For the GT model of the G8, a 6.0-liter V8 engine will be used so as to provide 362 units of horsepower. The V8 will be coupled to a six-speed automatic transmission with an integrated manual shift mode. The engine also features the fuel-saving Active Fuel Management system.

Taking care of the stability of the G8 and improving its handling and overall performance is a four-wheel independent suspension check more system. The front suspension system employs a MacPherson strut while the rear suspension system is a four-link coil-over-shock suspension system. Front stabilizer bar and decoupled rear stabilizer bars are also present on both models to improve handling and stability on cornering. Other components that give the G8 a high performance level are the standard electronic stability control system and the traction control that comes with both models. Stopping power is provided by the four wheel disc brake system which is compatible with EBC pads for greater braking efficiency.

One of the stronger selling points of the Pontiac G8 is its interior design features. Functionality and class converge on the design of the interior thus giving both the driver and the passengers a comfortable ride. The instrument panel is designed to be easily visible to the driver. The round tachometer and speedometer dominates the dashboard, and between them sits an electronic driver information center. Not only does it posses a luxurious interior but also a stunning exterior design as well. It has some of the design elements of the discontinued GTO which is known for its jaw dropping exterior styling.