Cellcard – Facebook unlimited

Cellcard gets a whole lot of “likes” for their unlimited Facebook plan, a first for the telco.


Facebook is Cambodia’s most popular social media platform, and is primarily accessed via smartphones. Because Facebook Unlimited was Cellcard’s first FB-only plan, it would need to stand out from competitors with similar offerings to make an impact.


Everyone in Cambodia is hungry for Facebook, but there are always budget issues. So let’s show all Cambodians how much they can do on Facebook with only 5 cents a day!



The TVC focused on a beautiful, cheerful girl, who chats, shares, likes, uploads and comments on Facebook the whole day through and is one satisfied customer at the end of the day, thanks to the nominal sum she forks out daily.


A steady growth of Cellcard’s youth subscriber base between 16-21 years old (based on internal tracking of subscriptions, revenue and campaign period) during the implementation of the campaign.

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