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Cellcard has traditionally been Cambodia’s market leading telco, powered by a strong commitment to service and a very aggressive ATL strategy. More recently, Cellcard has faced increased competition from new market entrants that target Cellcard’s youth audience through very strong digital campaigns.



Re-think Cellcard’s marketing strategy with an understanding of what role digital media as well as Cellcard’s digital assets play within the consumer journey.



With so many different products, add-ons and value added services, Cambodian consumers were often not sure which products were best suited to them.


Re-design Cellcard’s mobile app and website to facilitate traffic routing based on usage patterns and user types and reflect this segmentation across all digital media buys.


Traffic Increased by 419%
• Users Increased by 420%
• New Users Increased 10% MoM
• Pageviews Increased by 250%
• Bounce Rate Reduced by 15%
• Organic Search Increased by 39.11%
• Direct Traffic Increased by 46%
• Social Organic Traffic Increased by 600%

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