Coca Cola Music 2011- 2015

Coca-Cola wows rural Khmer youth with a series of concerts and music-themed activities.


To remain on top and relevant in the market, Coca-Cola wanted to strengthen its connection to Khmer teens in the rural areas. The brand’s desire to be closer to these teens would not only be about making a bottle of Coke accessible to them, but also about helping bring them closer to one of their most-loved passions – music.


Life is hard in the provinces, but it doesn’t stop teens from having fun and enjoying simple pleasures. The cheapest and most accessible is music, which they can enjoy without spending much. It gives them great pleasure to listen and sing along to their favorite songs, and its exciting to watch singers on TV or live in a concert.

Coke Music2


Coca-Cola Music comprised weekly provincial concerts, singing contests, public announcements and other initiatives that gave its target audience the chance to access live music and entertainment.


The initiative saw a high of 15,000 concertgoers at every province, double-digit growth for the brand compared to the previous year and the loudest social media presence among brand-sponsored music programs.

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