Google – Love Your Language

Our efforts to get students to become more involved in Google Translate resulted in full-capacity attendance at participating universities and gave the Khmer language new-found popularity.


Brand Challenge

Khmer is one of the languages under-represented on the Internet. Many Khmer users do not have a full understanding of how to contribute to the improvement of the representation, accuracy and comprehension of the language on the web.


Khmers take pride in the uniqueness of their language. They will take any chance to play an active role in having their language represented on the web, if equipped with the right tool to do so.



The Google Translate Love Your Language University Tour comprised translate-a-thon sessions and introduced the Google Translate app to students. The app was then used to translate Khmer words and phrases on the web. The initiative resulted in English to Khmer topping the global language pairing during the event’s duration.


The Google Translate sessions resulted in English to Khmer topping the global language pairing during the event’s duration. The sessions also drew full-capacity attendance at all participating universities.

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