EQUAL – Ramadhan Manis Sehat


Ramadhan in Indonesia is the month of Fasting for Moslems. The month to cherish and to be grateful, to share kindness, it’s the season for families to gather and feast. With lots and lots of activity on dining, shopping, and the homecoming tradition (mudik).
During the Fasting month there are significant behavior changes in the eating habits – time and number of their meals per day. They only eat twice per day, sohoor (morning prayers) and eftar (evening prayers), and the important aspects are enough calorie intake and the food that contains enough nutrition . Indonesian people believe that ‘sweet tooth’ kind of food can complete their need for callories.
In this case, unknowingly they do a lot of damage to their body. Perhaps, they consume too much sugar (sugar overdose).



How to replace sugar with Equal during Ramadhan, especially during Eftaar, and encourage the audience to make healthier food choices by controlling their sugar intake.


While fasting, people over-compensate for the lack of food with more sugar than is needed for their body, without knowing how it’s harmful to them.


Recreate the popular Indonesian sweetmeats (Takjil) and beverages by replacing sugar with Equal Sucralose, so that people can still enjoy the amazing sweet taste, in a healthy manner – at a time where they were ready to break their fast. All they had to do was to try exercises that can be carried out even while they’ve been fasting.


We created experiential zones in 2 popular malls in Jakarta. The booth was constructed to be the spot for visitors to engage, try food made with sucralose, attempt #Puasalebihmanis challenge and find information about Equal


Nearly 8,000 sampling was shared, over 14,000 people interact with our brand, over 1000 people doing our puasa sehat challenge, and the most important part is 80% audience would change their current lifestyle into a healthier lifestyle.


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