Google Street View Borobudur



Google Street View wanted to launch the live imagery of Borobudur in a press conference inviting the media and the government. Google Street View along with Google Cultural Institute wanted to create an event that would help showcase both their products as one that is helping Indonesians preserve heritage online.


Create an event that will showcase 2 Google products – Street View and Cultural Institute in launching the imagery for Indonseia’s most beloved monument – Borobudur.



The media want to see the main story upfront – Google products and the monument


We created an event that was at Borobudur through a tent on location. The audience had a view of the monument while seated inside the tent.
The event was divided to have a main stage, where the protocols and main messages would be showcased, and 2 side demo stages to allow the media to get a more personal understand of the product and try it, live, themselves.
There were tours conducted for the media to then accompany the product facilitator (the Google Trekker) to the monument and get a feel of how the product was actually created.


Front page coverage in all the major newspapers in Indonesia

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