Shell – Helix HX3


Ramadhan in Indonesia is the month of Fasting for Moslems. The month to cherish and to be grateful, to share kindness, it’s the season for families to gather and feast. With lots and lots of activity on dining, shopping, and the homecoming tradition (mudik).
During the Fasting month there are significant behavior changes in the eating habits – time and number of their meals per day. They only eat twice per day, sohoor (morning prayers) and eftar (evening prayers), and the important aspects are enough calorie intake and the food that contains enough nutrition . Indonesian people believe that ‘sweet tooth’ kind of food can complete their need for callories.
In this case, unknowingly they do a lot of damage to their body. Perhaps, they consume too much sugar (sugar overdose).


When it comes to old cars and commercial vehicles, no one gives a second thought to the choice of lubricants. Shell wanted to change this category norm with Shell Helix HX3.



How to build value about Shell Helix HX3’s offering in the consumers’ mind in a manner that they would relate to, so that it becomes a strong enough reason to switch – From competitors to Shell.


Shell Helix HX 3 makes your car younger. It’s cleansing agents make sure your car performs to the level of efficiency and power it did, a few years ago.


The campaign and promotional items have gained significant positive response amongst Indonesia’s car workshops across cities. The brand visibility and channel publication are starting to gain impact and awareness with the campaign still ongoing.


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