Budweiser #samesameBUDdifferent

What can a brand do to create a big buzz before launching new equity campaign. The answer is using social media to create conversation and engagement. Thus, Budweiser created a buzz in social media by saying out its point of view which is supported and represents for the young consumer generation.


Budweiser is one of the most popular and loved beer flavours across the world thanks to its unique brewing process with beechwood. However, in Vietnam people only associate Budweiser with a random imported beer brand from America. We need to show people that Budweiser is more than just a regular beer. It’s a strong statement to the world that you are free and original, just like the brand spirit.



The situation is that a close competitor for Budweiser had a very similar campaign which mirrored Budweiser’s campaign from a year ago. With that as the basis, we created a campaign that revolved around originality and being true to yourself. At the same time, the saying “same same but different” was trending. Hence the branded tagline naturally became “samesameBUDdifferent”. The campaign shouts all about being unique and express yourself in your own way like how Budweiser beer has been using the same brewing method for the past 140 years without being swayed by other beer brands. They may all be beers, but Budweiser is different from all the rest.



Introducing #samesameBUDdifferent. The campaign was introduced on Facebook by first pointing out how #samesameBUDdifferent Budweiser is in terms of ingredients, brewing process, brewing time and quality control. This was followed by a manifesto video that went deeper into the emotional layer of the brand in which we saw 3 KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders), all well known for their originality, share their own definitions of being different and encourage people to be themselves. Inspired by this impactful manifesto video, other KOLs also started sharing their never-before-revealed stories about them staying true to themselves and daring to be different, against society’s expectations.


The manifesto video quickly became Budweiser Vietnam’s top 2 most viewed video and set a record by achieving 2.5 million views on facebook in the first week, with 21% organic views as well as almost 1,800 shares. Since the start #samesameBUDdifferent has evolved from just an advertising campaign hashtag into consumer’s daily language. People started using #samesameBUDdifferent in their Facebook posts as a way to express their uniqueness among the same-same people around. The total post reach on Facebook has reached up to 33 millions people, making it the most talked about beer campaign in Vietnamese market ever.

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