Coca Cola – Fifa World Cup

World Cup is a global football event, which attracts many energetic and sportive people. It is a right fit with Coca Cola, as a refreshing energy and connecting people brand.


We needed to create a film for the global market for Coca Cola that brought alive the spirit of the World Cup in the context of Coca Cola’s promise of providing refreshing energy that keeps you going.


The World Cup and Coca Cola is a global pehnomenon, thus making it the perfect ocassion to celebrate the competition and global connectivity.


We created Vietnam’s first global TV campaign for the world’s biggest sporting event – FIFA world cup. It was a story that celebrated football as a force for social good. It had the power to make the world more inclusive and connected by bringing people from all walks of life together. The creation of the work was in itself a global collaboration that saw countries coming together.


The commercial was Aired in over 60 countries around the world…  Our work gained substantial publicity in regional publications and igniting pride that a global piece of work associating with arguably the world’s most important sporting event came out of Asia.

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