Coca Cola TET – Traditions Refreshed

Coke connects with the Vietnamese youth during the most important occasion of the year TET. Phibious aimed this campaign to resolve family tensions, connections and boredom during this festival.


Tet, Vietnamese Lunar New Year, is Vietnam’s single-most cluttered occasion and is a large volume driver for many brands including Coke. It was therefore crucial for Coca Cola to reinforce its association with Tet.  Phibious reinforced a global brand to play a meaningful role to play during Tet by demonstrating a deep understanding of this local occasion.


We found that the old Tet traditions had lost its relevance amongst the youth, making them feel disengaged and as a fall out, disconnected from their family and not spending time together.

We tapped in to the insight that the youth feel bored and disconnected during Tet and Coke helped the youth reengage by bringing their own twist to Tet chores and helping family reconnect and bond over doing the “refreshed” rituals together.


We aired TVC in 2014 so show how teen twisted the traditional preparatoin activity into more youthful and enjoyable chore which can connect teens with their family’ members.We also used other channels such as billboard and interactive activity to engage with youth. The interactive activity had been recorded to make online video.


Our TVC scored an ONS of 112 and was developed for both Vietnam and the Philippines. The campaign gained significant traction on social networks. Most importantly, we converted brand love into consumption by achieved record-breaking sales for the brand.

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