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To make Google Search App relevant to Vietnamese youth, a campaign that positioned the Google Search App as a champion and supporter of Vietnamese youth passions and turned ‘every moment into a moment of discovery’. 


Most people in Vietnam are well versed with what Google does and its functionalities on a desktop. However, there is a growing poplulation of digital natives who are growing up with the Internet on mobile and they lack that same relationship with Google that their older counterparts have. The challenge was to make Google App and Voice Search relevant to this new generation of Vietnamese digital natives.

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‘Generation Now’ are exploratory, experiential and entrepreneurial. ‘Being in the know’ is the key driver to their progress, with the internet fuelling their social currency. As digital natives, they are inspired by the promise of freedom and exploration that mobility brings. The strategy was to position Google App and Voice Search as a companion that encourages youth to keep exploring their passions. Google App and Voice Search becomes their anytime, anywhere, ‘ask me anything’ companion that turns every moment into a moment of discovery.


An online film was used to bring the idea to life. The film was promoted with YouTube Interactive Mastheads and strategic partnerships were used to broaden reach and engage with the target at lifestyle touch points. Some examples of this are given below:

– Zalora, a top fashion and beauty ecommerce, promoted Google App film with an angle of ‘Get the look’ by using a unique page that featured curated collections, inspired by the characters of the film. On social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Zalo and Viber, Zalora consumers discovered more about fashion and beauty by asking Google questions.

– Lotte Cinema featured contextual search queries at their cinemas across the nation. The Google app film was also displayed on LEDs in the lobby as well On Screen prior to a movie session.

– The Gioi Di Dong, the largest and most used smartphone retailer in Vietnam was used for display across its 486 stores natiowide. Step by step instructions on how to activate and use voice search on mobile phones was shared through these displays. The staff was also trained to support the customers. The Google app is also featured in their website and mobile app.

– Yeah1, the most popular network among youth partnered with Google to offer content from the campaign, reaching more than 1.3 Million subscribers on YouTube, 12 Millions fans and followers on social networks and millions more through their TV station.


– Over 1 Million views within 48 hours; Over 1.7 Million views within a week.

– Became the first Google campaign to be featured Live in Vietnam on #1 national LIVE morning show Chao Buoi Sang on VTV1

– Gained media coverage from popular channels such as FBNC, HTV, regional trade publication Campaign Asia, Dep lifestyle magazine

– Extensive positive coverage across media that praised Google’s efforts to understand Vietnamese users, their continued efforts and commitment to Vietnam and the “perfect functioning” of the Google App and Voice search in Vietnamese.

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