Google – Love Your Language

Vietnamese is a complicated language with many different meanings and layers for translation… thus for Google to work, the language had to be extremely accurate when translated.


Brand Challenge

Google Translate provides free translation in 90 languages, but for those that don’t have much presence on the Web, like Myanmar, Bengali, Vietnamese and Thai, it could use a little help to boost the translation quality. This is where the Translate Community tool and passionate language speakers were called in to make a difference. The challenge is introducing the Google Translate tool to a community that is not online but passionate about making a difference in having their language better understood.



It is found out that people combat boredom of a chore when tasks are gamified and they feel a part of a community or greater purpose.


Phibious created event that each participant could spend an hour or two translating various words and phrases. They were provided badges which were awarded based on the level of tasks accomplished along with a certificate at the end.



Phibious ran this pilot program with resounding success and thus appointed the Google Translate Global Agency with upcoming projects supporting the Syrian Refugees migration and the 2016 Olympics in Brazil.

March 2015 – Pilot program: 1,273 volunteers (in person); 58,051 volunteers (virtual); 87,709 translations — estimated 526,254 words

September 2015 – Pilot program expansion: 3,468 volunteers (in person); 58,900 volunteers (virtual); 264,687 translations — estimated 1,588,122 words with English to Vietnamese translations topping the global charts during the period. – From startup hubs in Yangon to university campuses in Vietnam, Bangladesh and Thailand, over 100 Love your Language translate-a-thons were held, bringing together passionate volunteers to crowdsource over 10 million words. That is 17 times the words in War and Peace or 12 times the words in the English version of the Bible. Giving people a way to share their language expertise has resulted in the quality of Bengali translations now being twice as good as they were before human review. While in Thailand, Google Translate learned more Thai in seven days with the help of volunteers than in the whole year previously.

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