Housing.com – Look Up

To introduce the new players of real estate industry in India, Housing.com, who has unique and technological advance, in a simple and differentiated way, we created the digital campaign which tapped into Indian youth lifestyle and ambition spirit to create massive online conversations and close-relationships with young consumers while introducing them Housing.com’s functions and benefits.



Housing.com, who determined to be a game-changer in the real estate industry, starting in India, and leading it to the rest of Asia, had a vision to be the world’s first real estate company to sell real estate entirely online. Housing.com was a late entrant in India’s already cluttered real estate listings market while other competitors had been around from 5-15 years. We partnered them on their journey to make them a household name in India that’s known and used by consumers and the trade fraternity alike.

Being a new player, Housing.com had fewer listings than it’s well established competitors. Some of their new features, though unique and technologically advanced, might prove to be difficult for consumers to understand. The biggest challenge was to introduce Housing.com to the world in a manner that simply but strongly differentiated them from the rest of the world.

make room


Though most of established players provided “listings” to find real estate, too many listings just added to their woes, making decision making harder than ever. People were looking for a solution that helped decision-making easier. This is where we decided to position Housing.com.


With a new identity in place, we decided to make Housing.com the most popular brand in India. With the brand war-cry “Look Up”, we used the power of social media to tap into the spirit of ambition of a young India, resonating with their desire to live life with ambition and optimism. We introduced the brand as one that they can relate with, with the promise of making their life better than what it was. We looked at different life-stages of consumers, and created conversations around different product and service offerings of Housing.com – Listing, Buying, Renting, Online Rental Agreements, Paying Guest Accommodation, Data Sciences Lab, among others.


#LookUp became the most trending topic on FaceBook and Twitter through first four weeks of launch. Our Facebook Page Fans grew from 4,000+ to 600,000+ The engagement rate on Facebook grew from 0.2% to 7% – the highest in the category. Thousands of tweet engagements happened through the many contests we ran on Twitter, building the @housing Twitter following to over 18,000. Traffic on the site has grown to 3.8 million views, with average daily time on the site of 5:02 minutes, at 7.32 page views. Proof of communication being effective comes from the fact that 29.15% of traffic is Direct, 13.04% through referrals vs. 10.37% from search (Source: alexa.com, similarweb.com, Google Analytics). Our “Look Up” campaign on the brand won 5 awards at the National Awards for Marketing Excellence (by CMO Asia) including “Marketing campaign of the Year” and “Best use of Social Media”.

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