Sprite – Obey You

What can a product communicate except promoting product intrinsic? It can inspire consumers with lifestyle and belief. Sprite is the ideal product for this inspired communication because it also targets youth who are active and want to live the way they like.

We revitalized Sprite by connecting with the youth on a relevant emotional platform.


Sprite has a very small share of just 17% of the lemon lime category of sparkling beverages while the market leader 7Up has nearly 3 times more volume share. Before the campaign, Sprite’s communication was product intrinsic therefore contributing to building the category as opposed to building the brand. Phibious  shifted the focus from intrinsic communication and actively positioned Sprite as the youth badge brand with an emotional connection.



Being a collectivist society, going against the norm is generally unacceptable in Vietnam and the youth reluctantly give in to society’s expectations and suppress their own desires. This campaign was designed to encourage and empower youth to be true to themselves and their desires and not conform to societal and parental expectations of them.



We did this by celebrating the efforts of Karik – a young rapper that the Vietnamese teens love and look up to, who stood up against his parent’s expectations of him becoming a doctor. We supplemented this activity with youth opinion leaders’ videos talking about how they followed their desires in spite of obstacles posed by societal and parental expectations.



– High relevance of insight and messaging amongst the target audience – 82% (Epinion)
– Significant spike in spontaneous brand awareness in just one month after launch of Karik music video from 3% to 11% (B3 Data)
– Significant spike in purchase intention and highest ever in the last 2 years – Increased from 50% in 2012 to 58% in 2014 YTD
– Significant spike trial and highest ever in the last 2 years – Increased from 53% in 2012 to 75% in 2014 YTD

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