While Vietnamese banking markets are very crowded and competitive, a new bank will have lots of difficulties to get attention and be different. To launch the digital- only bank TiMo, we need to create new experience in order to creatively draw people attention. Automated Time Machine reached that objective.


TiMo is the first digital-only bank in Vietnam, which operates without branches or traditional offices. TiMo stands for TIME & MONEY. With TiMo, customers save not only money, but also their valuable time.

Our challenge is to create an impactful and meaningful activation for TiMo’s official launch and deliver TiMo’s brand proposition and core values to potential customers.



Money is common element that is associated with bank while, time is the only element that differentiates traditional banking and internet banking. Saving both Time and Money are unique selling point of TiMo as a digital-only bank. Saving money is obvious and tangible while saving time is too board, intangible and conceptual for customers to clearly get the idea. To launch TiMo, we make “saving time” tangible.



Giving “Time” to potential customers.

To do this, we created an all-new kind of ATM, the Automated Time Machine.

At these ATMs we distributed “time” vouchers to people for them to enjoy and relax : like 500+ hours of massage, 600+ hours of movies, 700+ hours of spa, and many more hours of free time.

To drive traffic to the ATM’s, we not only went to the most famous landmarks in Vietnam, we went to a place where no advertising is allowed: Nguyen Hue street. So we used drones to get the message across and direct people to the ATM’s.



– In two days more than 9,000 people saw the drones and Timo’s Automated Time Machine.

– Resulting in 1,200 new members for TiMo and thousands of hours of quality enjoying and relaxing time for those new members.

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