Background is the premier online marketplace for insurance products in Indonesia. They wanted to work on a lead-generation campaign in partnership with Zurich Insurance by offering free personal accident insurance policies.


How to Create a Ramadhan campaign that navigate and direct the audience to sign up and get the benefits of protection during Mudik on Ramadhan.


Every year, nearly 800 people die off road accidents during Mudik – the tradition of returning home to the family. Most casualties were through Motorcycle accidents and car accidents.


Remind people about the risks of road accidents while traveling home, and encouraging them to register for a free accidental insurance policy on
#Mudik Aman untuk Semua


The campaign led to over 2,300 registrations for free personal accidental insurance, resulting in a cumulative insurance cover of 57.5 Billion IDR (4.3 million US$). The video itself has reached over 200,000 organic views on the first week of Mudik, giving the branda watchtime of over 370,000 minutes, and scores of media covering the Mudik Aman campaign. For a campaign spend of US$15,000 (including cost of content production), the campaign delivered earned media worth US$ 2 million.

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