Coca Cola – Time versus Money

Tet 2015 Film


Tet, Vietnamese Lunar New Year, is Vietnam’s single-most cluttered occasion and is a large volume driver for many brands including Coke. It was therefore crucial for Coca Cola to reinforce its association with Tet.


Giving a global brand like Coke a meaningful role to play during Tet by showing that we deeply understood the local culture and connect with Vietnamese during their most important occasion of the year.


Tet has become a chore for the youth and had lost it’s true meaning of families bonding, leaving the youth jaded and disengaged from the people that mattered most to them – their family.

We went out and spoke to Vietnamese across age segments and economic standing and discovered that there was another barrier – gifts. Over the years the holiday had become more about economics than family bonding. This had become such a serious issue that 1 in 4 Vietnamese avoided celebrating Tet with their families due to these economic reasons which ranged from being unable to afford a ticket to get back home to wanting to make extra money to send back home by working through Tet. The financial burden left them feeling reluctant to go back home to spend time with their family.


Spend time versus money
While brands continued to push for large volume Coke took a stance to show consumers through a short film that time with family meant more than money made during the Tet holiday. Inspired by a true story of a young woman from the Mekong delta. She didn’t want to go back for Tet even though she was longing to meet her family and little girl as her expenses for Tet the previous year left her in deep financial debt.


• The film was a success with over 7.5M views (4M+ on Zing and 2.5M+ on YouTube)
• 5 million views were in just 7 days
• It topped the Viral Video Chart as the most shared video globally in 24 hours, beating the Super-bowl teaser ads.
• Volume share grew by 12% (compared to 9% PY)

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