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Unlocking the Power of TikTok Shop: A Game-Changer for Beauty Brands in Vietnam

Hello Phibious

15 June, 2023

In the dynamic landscape of the Vietnamese beauty industry, one e-commerce platform has emerged as a game-changer: TikTok Shop. With its phenomenal growth and transformative impact, TikTok Shop is reshaping the way brands connect with consumers and capitalize on new opportunities.


1. TikTok Shop: Revolutionizing the Beauty Market

TikTok Shop's skyrocketing success in Vietnam's e-commerce market has been nothing short of extraordinary. The platform's Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) is estimated 10 trillion VND within the first three months of 2023, outperforming the entire GMV of 2022. This unprecedented growth trajectory positions TikTok Shop as one of the largest e-commerce channels in Vietnam, with vast potential for further expansion. As brand managers and industry leaders, it is essential to seize this opportunity and tap into the power of TikTok Shop.


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2. Fashion and Beauty: Reigning Supreme on TikTok Shop

Within TikTok Shop's vibrant ecosystem, fashion and beauty reign as the top categories, accounting for approximately 30% of sales each. For brand managers seeking to make their mark, it is crucial to recognize the immense potential of this platform in driving sales and brand visibility. By leveraging TikTok Shop's vast user base and dynamic content landscape, beauty brands can carve out their niche and establish a formidable presence in the hearts of consumers.


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3. The Elite Circle: Top Beauty Brands on TikTok Shop

In the highly competitive beauty space on TikTok Shop, the battle for consumer attention is fierce. The top 50 beauty brands command over 60% of the monthly GMV, dominating the market with their established reputation and brand recognition. As brand managers and directors, it is imperative to strategize and position your brand among this elite circle. By embracing the platform's content-driven approach and cultivating an engaged community, your brand can thrive alongside industry giants and emerge as a sought-after choice for TikTok Shop's beauty enthusiasts.


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4. Content and Influencer Marketing: The Key to Success

In the world of TikTok Shop, captivating content is king. As brand managers and marketing directors, your success lies in harnessing the power of short-form videos and live streaming sessions. By releasing 1-3 videos per day and engaging in live streaming for 3-6 hours (or more during peak times), your brand can captivate the attention of TikTok Shop's active user base. Collaborating with influential content creators and leveraging their reach and influence can significantly amplify your brand's visibility, resonating with beauty enthusiasts and driving conversions.


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5. Pricing and Assortment Strategies: Capitalizing on Impulsive Purchases

TikTok Shop's unique environment fosters impulsive purchases and presents an opportunity for brand managers and directors to optimize pricing and assortment strategies. While the beauty market on TikTok Shop is predominantly dominated by mass and masstige products, there is a growing trend of more expensive offerings gaining traction. As brand managers, it is crucial to strike the right balance between pricing and assortment to cater to the impulsive nature of TikTok Shop's consumers.


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For makeup products, optimal price points often fall within the a-b-c range, while skincare products tend to perform well within the d-e-f range. By strategically aligning your pricing with the platform's dynamics, you can position your brand competitively while capitalizing on the impulsive nature of purchases made on TikTok Shop. The platform's inherent appeal and the influence of content creators create an environment where consumers are more willing to make spontaneous buying decisions.

6. The Future of TikTok Shop in Vietnam's Beauty Landscape

For brand managers, it is imperative to recognize and embrace the tremendous potential that TikTok Shop holds for the beauty industry in Vietnam. With its unrivaled growth, captivating content, and dynamic influencer marketing landscape, TikTok Shop is rewriting the rules of e-commerce engagement. By harnessing its power, your brands can connect with a highly engaged audience, expand its reach, and drive sales to new heights.

As we embark on this exciting journey, staying updated with TikTok Shop's evolving trends, consumer preferences, and algorithm changes will be crucial. By monitoring market insights, leveraging data analytics, and adapting your strategies accordingly, your brand can maintain a competitive edge and seize every opportunity for growth on TikTok Shop.




In conclusion, TikTok Shop has become a force to be reckoned with in Vietnam's beauty industry, revolutionizing the e-commerce landscape and providing brands with a gateway to success. By leveraging the platform's captivating content, influencer marketing strategies, affiliate collaborations, and strategic pricing, your brand can thrive in this dynamic ecosystem, capturing the hearts and minds of TikTok Shop's passionate community of beauty enthusiasts.