BIA VIET - Festive Reunion Stations '22




01 May, 2023


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As a new beer brand, Bia Viet continued on its beer of the nation ambition but do so by flipping the script - this time not just on the cliched ‘celebration & gifting) beer advertising but also these messages that now lived under the shadow of COVID advertising messages during peak consumption season - Tết.







Despite suffering not only isolation from loved ones & significant income loss, laborers persevered before embarking on their journey home to reunite with their family.  While many cut their losses and went home for lockdown, these guys stuck it out to earn back what they could to ensure a somewhat normal Tết reunion still happened.




"Homecoming heroes" deserve recognition and support, so we decided to do just that during their long, anticipated journey home.  We launched an unprecedented initiative - Bia Việt Reunion Stations - rest stops along national roads that offered essential supplies such as vehicle repairs, a hammock to rest, water and Tết gifts for them to bring home.  Although the road home can feel lonely, our Reunion Stations united them on their long ride.  The idea was built on the brands thematic idea ‘Hết Mình’ spirit - "ALL-IN TO ARRIVE HOME".





  • SILVER WINNER for Brand Purpose / Activism, SMARTIES 2022
  • Top 2 Social Buzz Campaign, BSI*
  • Top 2 Beer Brand Social Ranking, YMI**
  • Top 4 Tet Campaign,YMI


*BSI: Buzzmetric Social Index

**YouNet Media Index